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2 choices on how to use the 3 D planner:

Choice 1: You simply use our FREE planner and create your designs for yourself:

Your Input

A. You select the room size
B. You select the indicative pieces of furniture and position them in the room
C. Press save

Choice 2: We can interact with you and your design, and provide you with a FREE professional design :

Your Input

A. You select the room size
B. You select the indicative pieces of furniture and position them in the room
C. You advise on the design WHICH range/s from our website you would like us to supply you with high quality designs on
D. Press save

Our Input

1) We take your information from points A / B / C
2) Hey presto – we provide you with professional refined designs….

Here is a quick guide on how to use the 3 D planner:

  1. Draw your room using the pre set popular room shapes or the ‘Free room’ selection, drawing your own unique room shape.
  2. Alter the dimensions of the room by pulling the side walls or enter exact lengths on the ‘Room size’ pallet on the right.
  3. Once the room is created, add additional features such as doors, windows and radiators. Select, drag and drop these elements onto the plan using the ‘Room elements’ pallet on the right.
  4. Personalise your room by altering the finishes touches to the wall, doors, windows and other room elements. Simply select the room element using the ‘Interior design’ pallet or alternatively by clicking your selection on the plan directly.
  5. Once the room has been sized up and personalised, it’s time to select a style. This will make your selection you choose to incorporate in your design easier to access in advance, based on your personal taste.
  6. After selecting your style, it’s time to add products. Use the categories from the left, ‘Select your products’ pallet. You can add any article to your room by clicking on it or simply dragging and dropping it onto the plan.
  7. Add colour or other variants to your products while they’re on your plan. Simply click the product you wish you change and personalise. The planner will automatically display the options for you.
  8. Congratulations on your new bathroom! You can now finalise your plan. You will then receive your personal plan as a PDF file by e-mail. You can reload and edit your plan at any time. New user? Start now with your 3D planner account.

Free 3D Design Tool

Our planner, you can make your design for your new bathroom.

Choose your starting point and follow the steps at the top of the screen to design your bathroom.

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